Closing the Gap

For those familiar with equity compensation, you probably know one of the biggest problems is award recipients rarely understand and appreciate the equity awards they receive while companies spend millions on granting awards (the perceived value gap). This problem is even larger in today's environment with more complex performance awards and more diversity in award types. Aon bendystraw is here to help you close the perceived value gap through tailored, focused, and specialized communication and education to help your participants appreciate the awards they've been granted.

  • EquiTV- Aon bendystraw has created a library of over 90 common topics within equity compensation in the form of off-the-shelf video education. Through an annual subscription model, grant your employees access to this content, which can be branded and lightly customized for generic video prices. To learn more or explore the library, visit EquiTV.
  • Customized and Interactive Video Education - You may want something more customized or capable in helping your employees understand their awards. After all, the more engaging and focused the content, the bigger the benefit to the end user. Leverage Aon bendystraw's customized and interactive video capabilities to create a truly specialized communication strategy for your employees. To learn more, contact us.
  • User Analytics - If you're going to overhaul your communication strategy, you want to understand how effective that new strategy is, right? With Aon bendystraw's customized and interactive video capabilities, see how often your content is hit, who is watching, and for how long. Make sure you get the most out of your education content. See a sample of our analytics capabilities here.
  • Closed Captioning & Translation - With all things going global nowadays, you have participants with many needs and preferences. Leverage Aon bendystraw's archive of closed captioned content and hundreds of languages, making sure your education content is as localized and effective as possible. See a sample of a closed caption video here.
  • Aon's Expertise - Gone are the days of writing your own content and scripts and hiring a graphic designer or video company to build your vision. Leverage Aon's experts in equity compensation, video content, and beyond so you can just oversee and guide the project. Let Aon do the work. To learn more, contact us.



Sample 1 - Standard How To Calculate TSR Video
Available from Aon's library of standard videos. Explore other videos and content here.

Sample 2 - Interactive ESPP Video
This is an example of an interactive video where the employee determines their own path and can skip to the content that's most appealing. This structure extends viewership, making the video education more effective.


Sample 3 - Closed Caption Video
To meet your diverse and global participant base, Aon can add closed captioning to videos or even provide in hundreds of other languages.

Amongst The Shrubbery

Amongst The Shrubbery is an animated talk show with host John Hammond, the founder and CEO of bendystraw, now a part of Aon Equity Services. The #1 animated show in equity compensation, Amongst The Shrubbery discusses the issues and challenges facing companies and people in today's world of equity compensation, with a touch of humor. Each quarterly episode features a new guest from the industry discussing a topic that is important to them. Learn more and view the latest episode here.

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